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Energy for sports that is totally 100% natural and vegan. Nosht Energy Chews are made from all-natural, stomach-friendly ingredients.

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Product Description

Nosht Energy Chews

Nosht Energy Chews are made to provide energy, electrolytes, and performance-enhancing taste stimulants. And, of course, to taste fantastic. And the flavor is amazing.

  • Naturally tasty and no artificial additives
  • Dual carbohydrate formulation
  • Performance-enhancing ingredients
  • Vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free and gmo-free



Nosht is a brand focused on promoting an active lifestyle through natural, gut-friendly nutrition. The Nosht community, known as ‘Noshters,’ shares a passion for staying active and enjoying a variety of flavors.
The diverse team includes founder Petteri Kankkunen, who was inspired to create Nosht after facing gut problems during long cycling trips. Kaisa Sali, a retired top triathlete and sports nutritionist, is also part of the team, bringing her expertise in helping athletes manage digestive issues through low-FODMAP diets.