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North Outdoor Metso Men’s Merino Pullover


100% merino seamless pullover with a high zip collar

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Product Description

North Outdoor Metso Men’s Merino Pullover

Metso is a 100% merino seamless pullover with a high zip collar. The zipper is hidden. The stretchy, close-fitting pullover is also ideal for wearing under a fitted cover layer. The lightweight and breathable garment is suitable for all seasons and can be worn by hunters, hikers, and motorists. The easy-care pullover fits in a small space, which is especially useful when traveling or hiking.

Merino wool is a completely natural material that comes from merino sheep. Merino wool fibers bind warm air between the skin and the outer layer. Natural fibers effectively wick moisture away from the skin. Because of its antibacterial properties, it is often enough to simply air the cloth to make it fresh again. North Outdoor uses ethically produced mulesing-free merino wool.

Tech Specs

  • Material: 100% Mulesing free merino wool / Zipper polyester/metal
  • Knit: 270g/m², 1/1 rib
  • Merino micron: 20.0
  • High zip collar
  • Covered zipper
  • Flexible, light and warm
  • Breathable, antibacterial and moisture transferring
  • Seamless knit
  • Melange yarn
  • Ecological material
  • Made in Finland


North Outdoor

North Outdoor is a Finnish clothing brand founded in 2011 by Teemu Kattilakoski and Lauri Pyykönen, both former cross-country skiers who struggled to find suitable clothing for harsh weather conditions during their training and competition trips. The idea to use merino wool as a natural and sustainable material came to them when they received merino wool socks for test use. They spent years learning about the properties of merino wool and developing high-quality wool products that met their strict criteria. The company has grown into a clothing industry company employing over 30 people and has a domestic knitting mill and three offices in Finland. North Outdoor's success is measured by the satisfaction of its hundreds of thousands of customers who live an active and full life in comfortable and carefree merino wool clothes.North Outdoor specializes in designing and producing high-quality outdoor clothing made primarily from merino wool. The brand's garments are carefully crafted in Finland with attention to detail and a focus on creating clothing suitable for the changing conditions of the north. The brand is based in Oulu, a city that draws inspiration from the colorful displays of the Pärämeri cods and the northern fell winds that grace the region with their presence throughout the four seasons.