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Elevate your ice skating experience with Norolan’s moose leather ice mittens. Crafted for warmth and style, these mittens are enhanced with a detachable merino wool inner glove for superior comfort.

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Product Description

Norolan Moose Leather Gloves: Warmth and Style for Ice Skating

Ice skaters are seriously spoiled for choice with these handmade Norolan ice skates in Mikkeli! These gloves are made of domestic moose skin and are not just any pilipali gloves. These mittens keep your hands warm when ice skating, skiing, or sledding, but they are also completely street-credible in full leather!

The most popular mittens have improved even more! The improvement in this case is Norolan’s responsibly produced domestic inner glove. It is made of soft and warm merino wool, which breathes and retains heat efficiently. Merino wool has been obtained from responsibly bred, mulesing-free merino sheep.

  • Warmer than any
  • Made of 100% deerskin (not flimsy buckskin, like almost all market gloves)
  • Merino wool inner glove
  • Detached inner glove

Tech Specs

  • Material: 100% moose leather
  • High-quality surface leather
  • Detachable inner glove made of soft merino wool

Size Charts

  • Koko 8: pituus 23 cm, leveys 11 cm ja pituus peukalon tyveltä kärkeen 12 cm
  • Koko 10: pituus 25 cm, leveys 13 cm ja pituus peukalon tyveltä kärkeen 15 cm
  • Koko 11: pituus 29 cm, leveys 14 cm ja pituus peukalon tyveltä kärkeen 16 cm


Norolan is a Finnish fishing gear manufacturing company founded in 2019. Their handmade domestic products are manufactured in Mikkeli, Finland.

Norolan is committed to producing responsible and enjoyable fishing equipment for every angler. Their products are designed to last for years, enhancing the fishing experience without unnecessary extras.

The company uses lead-free and environmentally friendly materials in both their products and packaging. Their subcontractors are also dedicated to responsible material choices, ensuring a sustainable approach throughout the production process.