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Nordic For You – Trumpet Chanterelle Powder – 30 g


Dried Trumpet Chantarelle Powder. Try the Mushroom Shot / Flat, use as a Spice or as a Base for Soups!

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Product Description

Nordic For You Trumpet Chanterelle Powder – 30 g

You can add variety to your food, snacks, and pastries by using wildflowers and forest dishes. They introduce you to new flavors. The plants are from nature. The journey from the point of collection or cultivation to the dryer is short, and quick handling preserves the plant’s good qualities. Even in the dead of winter, powders, groats, and seeds will bring summer to your plate.

The Trumpet Chanterelle is a small horn-like fungus that grows in dense clusters among the mosses. The cap is about 5 cm in diameter and yellowish or greyish brown. The Trumpet Chanterelle canopy is a great sponge that doesn’t need to be pre-treated. It can be dried or frozen and used in many ways in cooking.

Tech Specs

  • Usage: for Spicy, Soups and Hot shooters
  • Ingredients: 100% Finnish dried and ground trumpet chantarelle spruce.
  • Gluten-free, vegan


Nordic For You

Nordic For You is a brand established by Crenocon in 2007. The company specializes in producing products made from locally sourced natural ingredients for the health and beauty of both humans and animals.
Nordic For You is committed to reducing carbon emissions through sustainable cultivation practices and minimizing transportation distances. They prioritize recycling and utilize bioenergy in the drying process of their plants. The company also leverages digital tools such as BioERP and other platforms across all aspects of their operations.