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Non-stop dogwear Protector Bootie


Long-lasting dog booties that protect your dog’s paws from rough surfaces, glass, salt, and hot asphalt.

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Product Description

Non-stop dogwear Protector Bootie

These dog booties are created with level 5 anti-cut material that has also been strengthened with nitrile rubber. The rubber in the socks makes them water-resistant and gives your dog a tight grip even while walking in wet areas. All dogs who need paw protection can use these socks, even though we designed the Protector bootie for mushing and trekking. The cloth is seamless in the direction of the dog to prevent chafing. The paws can make good contact with the surface because of the soft materials. Since the socks are secured with elastic Velcro, they fit the paw comfortably.

Tech Specs

  • Cut level: 5
  • Puncture resistance: 2
  • Elastic velcro
  • 40 % polythene
  • 15 % nylon
  • 10 % polyester
  • 10 % fiberglass
  • 5 % spandex
  • 20% nitrile rubber
  • 4-pack
  • Weight: S: 16g | M: 20g | L: 22g | XL: 29g
  • Weight (4-pack): S: 69g | M: 81g | L: 94g | XL: 112g

Size Charts

Width: S: 5-5.99cm | M: 6-6.99cm | L: 7-7.99cm | XL: 8 – 9 cm