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Non-stop dogwear Paw Care


Dog paw ointment which is herbal and water-free. Healing ingredients keep the paws hydrated and help to prevent cracks and dryness.

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Product Description

Non-stop dogwear Paw Care

Throughout the year, the dog's paws are subjected to significant strain due to temperature changes, sharp edges, ice, snow, road salt, gravel, and hot asphalt. Paw care is based on a skin treatment particularly designed for individuals with allergies and rashes. The cream was tested on dogs, and the results were outstanding. It may be used all year long as a preventative measure as well as on cracks and wounds to cure scratches, cuts, and bruises. Paw paw ointment is porous, allowing fluids from wounds to drain without freezing, even in cold climates. It is not harmful if the dog licks it because it includes only natural components and is non-flammable. Lactoferrin is a protein that is iron-bound and present in breast milk. Arnica is a cure for inflammation and painful muscles. Both of these key ingredients will help in the healing of wounds. If there are any signs of infection or open wounds, do not use.

Tech Specs

Product ingredients: Bassica napus, cocos nucifera, olea europea, cera flava, helianthus annus, lactoferrin, calendula officinalis, marigold, rosmarinus officinalis, chamaemelum nobile, arnica montana, organic linalool