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Non-stop dogwear Line Harness 5.0

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A short, comfortable and adaptable harness designed for hiking, tracking and other everyday activities with your dog.

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Product Description

Non-stop dogwear Line Harness 5.0

This harness was designed for hiking, but it may also be used for canicross, bikejoring and skijoring for dogs that do not pull strongly on the leash.

The Line harness 5.0 has several attachment points for your dog’s leash, making this harness very versatile. In addition to the standard attachment point on the back, there is an attachment point for a tracking line under the chest. This allows your dog to move freely without having the line get tangled around its legs. From size 3 and up there is a third attachment point on the front for mild anti-pull control.

The Line harness 5.0 is an upgraded version of original half harness, with optimized fit for your dog. The Y-shaped neck allows free shoulder movement and minimal breathing constraint.

Line harness 5.0 is adjustable around the chest. After the initial adjustment, it is easy to put the harness on and take it off by opening the solid Duraflex buckles on each side. Lock the chest straps by simply threading the end of the strap back through the sliplock.

Reflective features from 3M make your dog visible from a different angle. On the inside of the harness, all seams and edges are sewed so that the smooth side faces your dog’s body. To prevent chafing, the inside lining overlaps without any harsh edges.

Tech Specs

  • Three connection points for line or leash (two on sizes 0-2)
  • Nylon ripstop
  • Nylon webbing
  • Hypalon reinforcements
  • Closed-cell foam core
  • Duraflex buckles
  • 3M reflective
  • D-ring
  • Colors: Black, orange, blue , green and purple
  • Sizes: 1-8 (size 0-9 in black)

Size Charts

Size 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Neck circumference 20-24 cm 23-27 cm 26-30 cm 28-32 cm 32-36 cm 36-40 cm 40-47 cm 46-51 cm 51-57 cm 57-63 cm
Chest 27-43 cm 30-42 cm 36-54 cm 39-62 cm 41-68 cm 52-78 cm 56-87 cm 61-92 cm 67-102 cm 70-112 cm




Non-stop dogwear

In 2006, in Oslo, Norway, the founders of what would become Non-stop dogwear faced a challenge with their talented skijoring dog, Hårek. While he excelled in free running, wearing traditional harnesses restricted his movement and breathing. Determined to find a solution, they began sewing their own harness, eventually creating the Freemotion harness, allowing dogs like Hårek to run freely and comfortably. This marked the early days of Non-stop dogwear, with a vision to “release your dog’s potential” by prioritizing the dog’s perspective in product development.

Founded in 2009, Non-stop dogwear has since become a global leader in designing and selling dog equipment. Their products can be found in over 1,300 stores across 27 countries, and their team in Norway continues to refine existing products and develop innovative solutions, always keeping the dog’s needs in mind. Non-stop dogwear’s mission is encapsulated in the phrase, “Release your dog’s potential,” driving their commitment to creating high-quality, functional equipment for dogs of all breeds and activities, whether for racing or mountain adventures.