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Nitecore F21i Charger & Power Bank + Nitecore NL2150HPi 5000mAh Rechargeable 21700 Li-ion Battery


The F21i is ultra-compact, durable and safe to use. Your iSeries battery, such as the NL21500HPi, can be turned into a simple power bank and battery charger by the Nitecore F21i. The USB-C port on the F21i serves as a power bank when connected to a device and a battery charger when connected to a power source.

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Product Description

Nitecore F21i Charger & Power Bank

The Nitecore F21i is a fast charging power system designed exclusively for use with Nitecore's I Series 21700 li-ion batteries. The charger and power bank pack provides an NL2150HPi 5000mAh 21700 battery with dual way output and positive and negative polarities on both ends.

When connected to an external power source, the F21i can be used as a 21700 I Series battery charger. The charging process will be indicated by the blue indicators flashing. With QC and PD adapters, an 18W USB-C dual-way fast charge is available (not included). When the charger is in fast charging mode, the white indicator will highlight.

When the battery is full enough, the F21i can also function as a power bank. The NL2150HPi charges the iPhone 12 about once when it is fully charged.

Tap the USB-C port, which includes a touch sensor built-in, to check the battery level. If only one blue light appears, the battery is about 30% or less charged; two lights are about that. 70% and 3 for 100% fully charged.

A number of different of protection safeguards are available in the Nitecore F21i, including overcharge, overcurrent, over-discharge, short-circuit, thermal, and overvoltage protection.

  • Multiple protection safeguards
  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • EPDM elastic band
  • Touch sensor power display


Included in the Box

  • F21i
  • USB-C charging cable

Tech Specs

  • Diameter: 27.4 mm / 1.08″
  • Length: 112.5 mm / 4.43″ (with battery)
  • Weight: 22 g / 0.78 oz.
  • Input: USB-C 5V – 2A / 9V – 2A
  • Battery Output: 4.2V – 4A (Max)
  • USB-C Output: 5V – 2.4A / 9V – 2A / 12V – 1.5A