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Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarProof 500 ml


UV-protective impregnation. Extends equipment lifespan. Easy to use and eco-friendly.

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Product Description

UV-protective impregnation for outdoor equipment. Increases lifespan and tear strength. Easy to use and eco-friendly. Restores DWR coating and breathability. Protect your gear with Nikwax.

Tech Specs

  • Filler for e.g. maintenance of tents and backpacks For
  • synthetic and cotton fabric equipment
  • Protects against water, dirt and corrosive UV radiation
  • Pump bottle, does not contain propellants
  • 1 x 500 ml




Nick Brown, born in 1954, developed a passion for trekking from a young age and began exploring the Peaks with his father through the YHA. Dissatisfied with available waterproofing products, he created his own wax recipe to preserve his boots while keeping them waterproof and supportive. This homemade wax became the foundation of Nikwax.

Nikwax emerged as a commercial product in a North London flat in 1977, and it quickly gained recognition in the outdoor industry for its non-softening waterproofing wax for leather boots. Nick’s innovative spirit led to the development of the Nikwax Water-Based Range in 1983, marking a groundbreaking shift towards eco-friendly, water-based solutions for restoring waterproofing in clothing and gear. Nikwax’s commitment to effectiveness and environmental responsibility has since led to a diverse range of products that help maintain resistance to water in various applications, from ropes to tents, setting the standard for aftercare in the outdoor world.