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The Nansen nome harness 5.0 is an upgraded dog pulling harness used by medal-winning teams. It offers optimal performance and comfort, featuring a Y-shaped front and flat chest piece. Available in sizes 5-9.5, it’s rigorously tested and used in the 2020 Iditarod win. Made from durable nylon and foam, it includes safety features like 3M reflective materials.

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Product Description

Nansen Nome Harness 5.0: Medal-Winning, Ergonomic Dog Pulling Harness

The Nansen nome harness 5.0 is an upgraded version of our previous x-back model, used by medal-winning dog teams since 2010. Developed in collaboration with athletes, it has been rigorously tested in extreme conditions. It was also used by Thomas Wærner to win the 2020 Iditarod.

Designed for optimal dog performance, the harness features a Y-shaped front and flat chest piece to harness the dog’s full power. It allows free shoulder movement and reduces strain risks. A reflective flap in the neck aids in monitoring the dog’s movement in the dark.

Available in sizes 5-9.5, the harness comes in half-sizes with a red end-rope and full-sizes with a blue end-rope. All sizes have the same total length but vary in backstrap length.

Constructed with ergonomic focus, the harness is made from durable nylon and closed-cell foam padding for comfort and water resistance. All seams are smooth-sided against the dog’s body, and 3M reflective materials are integrated for safety.

Tech Specs


  • Closed-cell foam (non-absorbent)
  • Nylon ripstop
  • Heavy duty 220D nylon


  • Nylon webbing
  • Seatbelt webbing

Reflective Details: 3M™ reflective elements


  • Black body
  • Blue end-rope (full-sizes)
  • Red end-rope (half-sizes)

Sizes Available: 5 – 9.5

Weight by Size:

  • 5: 201g
  • 5.5: –
  • 6: 212g
  • 6.5: –
  • 7: 217g
  • 7.5: –
  • 8: 220g
  • 8.5: –
  • 9: 227g
  • 9.5: –

Wash Guide:

  • Max 30°C in washing machine
  • Do not tumble dry.



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