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Nordic For You Sea Buckthorn Syrup 100ml


Gluten Free Syrup is suitable for Cold and Warm Desserts.

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Product Description

N4Y Sea Buckthorn Syrup 100ml

The delicious syrups season various dessert portions, pastries, and cold and hot beverages. They’re also great for marinating vegetables and meat. Flavor syrup makes an excellent gift or gift!

The sea buckthorn spread to Finland immediately after the ice age, as the edge of the ice moved north. Sea buckthorn berries contain vitamin C, but they are difficult to pick from thorny shrubs. In the wild, sea buckthorn grows in Åland and on the Shores of the Gulf of Bothnia. Sea buckthorn is a Provincial plant in Satakunta.

Uses of Sea Buckthorn Syrup

  • Desserts:
    Great for sweetening a variety of Desserts and Snacks. Try it with ice cream, pancakes or pancakes, toast and berries and fruit.
  • Cooking: Sea buckthorn syrup can also be used in marinades and other cooking instead of sugar.
  • Drinks: Suitable for hot and cold drinks as a spice and sweetener.

Tech Specs

Product Information

Ingredients: Cane sugar, sea buckthorn extract 25%, lemon. Nutritional content 100 g: Energy 1261 kj (301 kcal), fat / fat 0 g, of which saturated / reserve rotten, carbohydrates / kohlhydrater 74 g, of which sugar / reserve socker 74 g, protein 0 g, salt / salt 0 g. Additive-free. Storage at room temperature

Additional Information

Vegan and gluten-free