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Muurikka Smoking Chips of Alder 2 L


Alder Smoking Chips 2 L

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Muurikka Smoking Chips of Alder 2 L

Tip! You can either soak the chips before placing them on the chip tray or moisten them while they are on the tray. To give color to the smoked food, sprinkle a few sugar cubes on the chips.



Two Finnish companies Opa and Muurikka joined forces in 2007, when it became Opa Muurikka. Opa is Finland's oldest pot and household goods factory, and Muurikka is the trendsetter of Finnish outdoor cooking. The two companies together form a good basis for the development of Finnish cooking.

In addition, Opa Muurikka later merged with Pisla Oy, with the aim of making the delivery of goods more efficient. The products are manufactured in Mikkeli. There are Opa&Muurikka brick-and-mortar stores in Mikkeli and Heinola, among others.

The Opa brand, which has a long history and includes kitchen products, includes pots and pans made of high-quality steel, as well as other special products such as steam and bath boilers as well as water and coffee pots. In addition, it now has a wide range of frying pans with coated, cast iron, steel and carbon steel quality pans as well as special frying pans such as lettu and blini pans