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MRS Thigh Straps 3P – Thigh straps: MRS Thigh Straps 3P

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Product Description

MRS Thigh Straps 3P

As long as the boat is not equipped for it, a specially designed harness to be placed at six extra-strong strap loops must be purchased separately initially (like the MRS Alligator 2S).

There are three points on the harness. The third placement, directly to the knee (delta strap), resulting in a stroke that is considerably more sensitive to the entire body of the boat, as well as the distribution over the cloth (avoiding a leverage stress).

Thigh straps are primarily designed to provide effective control in the boat (through bracing and edging) up to the point of rolling. They are, nevertheless, excellent shoulder cushioning for hauling a partially laden boat. It converts a packraft into its own backpack. Thigh straps aren’t something you’ll look for if you’re a kayaker.

However, as a beginning, one should not overestimate its use. Packrafts, in general, are made to be used without them. That is how we propose you begin. There is no doubt that there is no end to white water of medium difficulty. Please keep in mind that a packraft has a tight fit!

Thigh straps are recommended for playboating (riding waves and holes), whitewater above grade III, and top heavy loads in whitewater above class II.

Tech Specs

  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 170g