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Motorex Chainlube Allround 100ml


Protect your chain and derailleur with MOTOREX Chainlube Allround 100ml, the perfect universal lubricant for daily use, e-bikes, and pedelecs.

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Product Description

Motorex Chainlube Allround 100ml: Universal Chain Lubricant for Daily Use

Ensure your bike chain and derailleur are well protected against corrosion and wear with Motorex Chainlube Allround 100ml. This universal chain lubricant is designed to meet the demands of daily use and is highly recommended for city bikes, e-bikes, and pedelecs.

With brilliant adhesion and effective corrosion and oxidation protection, this lubricant is perfect for continuous use. Its wear-reducing effect and excellent material compatibility make it a reliable choice for any cyclist.

Motorex Chainlube Allround 100ml is easy to apply and has a long-lasting effect, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride. Plus, it’s not classified as dangerous, so you can use it with confidence.

Note that you should avoid contact with the brakes to ensure their proper function. And if you prefer a spray application, this product is also available in that form.

So why wait? Keep your bike in top condition with MOTOREX Chainlube Allround 100ml, the universal chain lubricant for daily use.