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Motorex Bike Grease Gun


This workshop-grade tool provides easy access for lubricating hard-to-reach points and facilitates swift refills with its 850-g dose capacity.

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Product Description

Perfect for workshops, this tool enables easy lubrication of hard-to-reach points. Its design allows for quick and effortless refills using the 850-g dose.



Motorex, founded in 1917, is a Swiss brand with over a century of experience in producing high-performance lubricants and specialty chemicals for various industries, including motorcycles and automobiles. Their dedication to innovation and collaboration with leading manufacturers ensures their products meet the demands of modern engines and machinery.

Motorex’s wide product range caters to diverse applications, offering tailored solutions for motorcycles, cars, trucks, industrial equipment, and bicycles. The company also emphasizes environmental responsibility, adhering to rigorous quality and eco-friendly standards throughout its product lineup. In summary, Motorex is a trusted brand known for its exceptional lubricants and commitment to innovation and sustainability in various sectors.