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  • Moiko To the forest Double Layer Mittens

Moiko Metsään Double Layer Mittens


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Moiko is a Finnish company specializing in the production of reflective accessories. Moiko’s innovation lies in the combination of reflective, visually appealing, and creative patterns with high-quality natural materials. Their product range includes CE-approved reflectors, reflective gloves, and other accessories, all designed to enhance visibility and safety.
Their premium mulesing-free merino wool gloves are knitted in Finland, while the reflective patterns are printed by their own team in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. Moiko collaborates with two small sewing and knitting workshops in the Baltic region, where they produce items such as hats, budget-friendly gloves, fabric bags, and t-shirts. Moiko’s commitment to quality and design excellence was recognized when their “Heijastavat Kädet” (Reflective Hands) collection received the prestigious Red Dot