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Lorpen Men’s T3 Running Precision Fit ECO Sock


Lorpen Men’s T3 Running Precision Fit ECO sock: Lightweight, durable, and designed for road running.

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Product Description

The Lorpen Men’s T3 Running Precision Fit ECO sock is specifically designed for road running, offering a perfect fit for the male foot model. This lightweight and durable running sock is made with eco-friendly recycled fibers, including Red-Cycled nylon, which enhances durability and shock absorption. The sock also features SLS technology for added comfort. With a double tab on the shaft, it provides protection against shoe-induced abrasion.

Tech Specs

  • Technical sock for running
  • Reinforced Non-cushioned
  • Materials: 34% Red-Cycled Nylon, 26% Coolmax EcoMade, 22% Stretch Nylon with Lycra, 18% Tencel
  • Use all year round
  • T3 technology
  • Coolmax Ecomode
  • Package includes a pair of socks (2 socks)

Size Charts

M / EU: 39 – 42
L / EU: 43 – 46



Lorpen is a Spanish outdoor apparel and sock brand founded in 1985. It specializes in producing high-quality performance socks designed for various outdoor activities. Lorpen is recognized for its use of advanced materials and technologies, including merino wool, Coolmax, and Primaloft, to create moisture-wicking, insulating, and comfortable socks suitable for different weather conditions. The brand offers a diverse range of socks tailored to mountaineering, hiking, running, and everyday wear. Lorpen also emphasizes sustainability by using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes in some of its products.