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Leki Touring Powder Basket without Tip


The Leki Touring Powder Basket is an accessory for Leki ski poles. It is a larger basket that is designed to be used in deep powder snow or backcountry skiing conditions.

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Product Description

Leki Touring Powder Basket

The basket is made from durable plastic and is easy to attach to compatible Leki ski poles. The larger size of the Tour Powder Basket helps to prevent the ski poles from sinking too deeply into the snow, which can make it more difficult to navigate in deep powder.

The Leki Tour Powder Basket is a popular choice among skiers who enjoy backcountry skiing or deep powder conditions. It can help provide additional stability and support when skiing in challenging terrain and make it easier to traverse through deep snow.

If you are a skier who enjoys backcountry skiing or skiing in deep powder, the Leki Tour Powder Basket is a useful accessory to consider adding to your ski pole setup.

  • Diameter: 115mm 
  • Sold as a pair


Leki is a brand specializing in skiing, cross-country skiing, trail running, and hiking poles, as well as ski gloves, under the Lei Lenhart GmbH, established in 1948. These products are designed in Germany and predominantly manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Leki's skiing poles are known for their technical innovation and lightweight design. They feature the ingenious Shark Grip System, allowing for easy and quick pole changes on the go.

The brand is dedicated to continuous product development in collaboration with athletes and enthusiasts, ensuring the provision of high-quality and high-performance equipment.