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Discover the ultra-compact Ledlenser ML4 Lantern. This featherlight, rechargeable lantern delivers bright, glare-free, targeted lighting using Micro-Prism Technology. With dual power sources, smart light programming, and a 7-year warranty, it’s the ideal outdoor companion. Easy to carry at just 2.5 ounces and under 4 inches, it’s perfect for camping, hiking, or illuminating your RV.

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Product Description

Ledlenser ML4 Lantern: Compact, Featherlight & Rechargeable | Bright Area Lighting Solution

Introducing the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern, your featherlight and compact go-anywhere solution for bright area lighting. Weighing just 2.5 ounces and less than 4 inches long, the ML4 is easy to carry and even easier to use. Its handy carabiner hook means it can clip to almost anything, making it an ideal companion for all your outdoor adventures.

Experience the power of Micro-Prism Technology that provides efficient, glare-free, and targeted lighting, illuminating your surroundings with up to 300 lumens of brightness. With multiple power modes, two red light modes, and a blink mode, this versatile lantern is adaptable to your specific lighting needs.

The ML4 isn’t just bright; it’s smart too. The Smart Light Technology lets you program a variety of light functions, while the rechargeable feature saves you money, reduces environmental impact, and ensures you never run out of light. The safe, reliable Magnetic Charge System offers quick and easy charging, while the optional alkaline battery can be substituted when a recharging power source isn’t available.

A red light mode maintains night vision in the dark, and a transport lock ensures the lantern won’t turn on accidentally and deplete battery. With a battery indicator, charge indicator, and low power warning, you’ll always know the status of your power supply.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The Ledlenser ML4 Lantern also boasts a 7-year warranty, highlighting our commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Its lightweight and compact design make it perfect for any camping trip, backyard gathering, or backpacking adventure.

The ML4 isn’t limited by location. Whether sitting flat on its base, clipped up in your tent, or hanging at your campsite with the carabiner hook, it illuminates with precision. It’s also the perfect solution for lighting your RV. With the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern, enjoy versatile, efficient, and eco-friendly lighting wherever you go.

Tech Specs

  • Light output: Boost 300 / Power 150 / Mid Power 50 / Low Power 5 lm
  • Battery: 1 pc Li-ion 14500 3.7V , 750 mAh
  • Diameter: 29 mm
  • Length: 97 mm
  • Weight: 71 g (battery included)
  • ML4 is weatherproof (IP66)





Ledlenser is a renowned German brand specializing in high-quality LED flashlights and headlamps. Founded in 1994, the brand is known for its precision engineering and innovative lighting solutions, catering to outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. Ledlenser’s products are designed and manufactured in Germany, emphasizing top-notch quality and reliability. The brand is committed to continuous innovation, offering brighter, more energy-efficient, and longer-lasting lighting solutions. Ledlenser also prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility in its operations. Whether for outdoor adventures or professional use, Ledlenser provides reliable lighting tools for various needs.

With Ledlenser, you can trust in lighting solutions that have stood the test of time and are designed to illuminate your path, whether you’re embarking on outdoor adventures or require professional-grade lighting for various applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How bright is the Ledlenser ML4 Rechargeable Lantern?

The Ledlenser ML4 Lantern provides up to 300 lumens of bright, glare-free, and targeted lighting thanks to its innovative Micro-Prism Technology.

How long does the battery last on a full charge?

Battery life can vary depending on the power mode used. However, Ledlenser ensures efficient energy use through its Smart Light Technology. The lantern also includes a battery indicator, so you always know the status of your power supply.

What is the Micro-Prism Technology in the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern?

Micro-Prism Technology in the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern provides efficient, glare-free, and targeted lighting. This means you get a bright, evenly distributed light that's easy on the eyes.

How do I recharge the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern?

The ML4 Lantern features a Magnetic Charge System for safe and reliable charging that is quick and easy to use. An optional alkaline battery can be used when a recharging power source isn't available.

Is the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern easy to carry?

Yes, the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern is ultra-lightweight at only 2.5 ounces and less than 4 inches long. It comes with a carabiner hook, making it easy to clip to a backpack or hang in a tent.

What is the red light mode on the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern used for?

The red light mode on the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern is designed to help maintain your night vision in the dark. This mode is ideal for situations where you need light but want to avoid disturbing others or attracting insects.

What is the transport lock feature?

The transport lock feature ensures the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern will not turn on accidentally and use up battery power. This is especially useful when carrying the lantern in a bag or backpack.

Can I use the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern with an alkaline battery?

Yes, the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern features a dual power source. This means an alkaline battery can be substituted when a recharging power source isn't available.

Can the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern sit flat on its base?

Yes, the Ledlenser ML4 Lantern can sit flat on its base. It can also be hung up using the carabiner hook. It's a versatile lighting solution for any outdoor environment.