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Ledlenser K6R Safety Key Chain Light


Compact and powerful with 400 lumens. Provides illumination and personal security with a loud alarm and strobe light. Easily carried in a handbag or pocket. Convenient USB-A charging. Available in stylish gray and rose gold colors.

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Product Description

Ledlenser K6R Safety Key Chain Light: Illumination and Personal Security Combined

The Ledlenser K6R Safety Key Chain Light offers both illumination and personal security in one compact device. Equipped with a bright 400 lumen light output, it ensures visibility in the dark while also providing a personal safety alarm. The security alarm features a loud and high-pitched sound along with a strong strobe light, serving as a deterrent to potential threats and attracting attention in critical situations.

The K6R Safety Key Chain Light can be easily carried in a handbag or pocket, ready for use whenever needed. With the convenience of a folding USB-A connector, it can be charged directly from a computer’s USB-A port without the need for an additional cable. Available in stylish gray and rose gold colors, it combines functionality with a touch of elegance.

Operating the personal security alarm is simple, as it can be activated by pulling the loop on the lamp. To deactivate the alarm, press the end of the loop back into place. Experience the combined power of illumination and personal security with the Ledlenser K6R Safety Key Chain Light.

Tech Specs

  • Light output: 400 ( boost ) / 200 / 20 lm
  • Light range: 80 / 50 / 15 m
  • Weight: 32 g
  • Length: 66 mm
  • Alarm sound
  • Strobe
  • IP2X
  • Transport lock




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