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Kupilka 33 Junior Bowl


Junior eating vessel / soup bowl for the young explorers.

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Product Description

Kupilka 33 Junior Bowl

Junior eating vessel / soup bowl for the young explorers.

The environmentally friendly Kupilka dishware can withstand boiling hot water as well as sub-zero temperatures as low as -30°C. Dishes can be washed by hand in the wilderness or by dishwasher at home. The items are made from our own biomaterial and EKOenergy, and they age beautifully while retaining their qualities. The freshness of the product can be determined by its wooden scent – the stronger the scent, the newer the product! We do not recommend putting the dishes in the microwave, stove, or open fire to ensure their longevity. When the products reach the end of their useful life, they can be recycled, incinerated for heat energy, or returned to the manufacturer for re-use. The packaging for Kupilka is made of recycled cardboard.

Produced in Finland using European Ferrocerium Rod. Striker is a byproduct of the metal industry, and its surface may have slight color variations.


  • The junior products are lightweight, long-lasting, and versatile.
  • Also suitable for all ages

Tech Specs

Volume: 3.3 dl
Weight: 105 g



Kupilka Oy’s registered office is Kontiolahti. It was founded in 1996. The official name of the company is Plasthill Limited. Its main field of business is the manufacturing of natural fiber composite materials and products.

“Kupilka is an old name, it goes back a long time. Even in the old days, small cups of sometimes hot, sometimes other tasty drinks were enjoyed by the campfire. When the evening came, the Kupilka, my own Kupilka was like a best friend who had time to listen… like the waves of the lake and the trees of the forest”.


The main designer of Kupilka products, i.e. dishes and knives, is industrial designer Heikki Koivurova. He is known for his down-to-earth attitude and beautiful but practical design. Kupilka products combine Finnish traditions, the latest technology and the best materials. Creating a functional and beautiful product that does not compromise on quality is the starting point of the design.


The materials of the cup are Kareline® natural fiber composite: the reinforcing material is environmentally friendly pine pulp fiber and the binder is polypropylene approved for food use. At the end of the products’ life cycle, they can be returned to plastic recycling centers, burned into heat energy in an oven or ground up for use again.