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Kupilka 12 Moomin – Junior Cups

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Kupilka 12 Moomin Junior Cups are a smaller version of the popular Kupilka 21 Moomin classic cup, designed specifically for kids.

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Product Description

Kupilka 12 Moomin – Junior Cups

Kupilka 12 Moomin Junior Cups are a smaller version of the popular Kupilka 21 Moomin classic cup, designed specifically for kids. Like the adult version, the Kupilka 12 Moomin Junior Cup is made from a unique combination of wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer, which makes it durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly.

The Kupilka 12 Moomin Junior Cup features beloved characters from the Moomin books. It is perfect for kids who want to enjoy a hot or cold beverage while camping, hiking, or having a picnic.

The Kupilka brand is committed to sustainability and uses renewable materials to create products that are both functional and environmentally friendly. The Kupilka 12 Moomin Junior Cup is dishwasher safe and perfect for kids who love the great outdoors and want to do their part to protect the planet.


Moomintroll is a curious and friendly creature who is always eager to explore the world around him. He is fascinated by everything he sees and loves to collect rocks and shells as souvenirs of his adventures. His love for the sea runs deep, and he shares this passion with his entire family. Moomintroll is a dreamer and a thinker, and his best friend is the independent-minded Snufkin, a free-spirited traveler who is always on the move. Together, they explore the vast and mysterious world, always in search of new and exciting experiences.

As Moomintroll contemplates the beauty of the natural world, he realizes just how much he loves everything around him, from the forest and the sea to the rain, wind, sunshine, grass, and moss. To him, these elements are not just things that he enjoys, but an essential part of who he is. Without them, life would be incomplete, and he could not imagine living without them. This realization fills him with a sense of awe and wonder, reminding him of the magic and beauty that surrounds us all, if only we take the time to appreciate it.


Snorkmaiden is a good friend and playmate to Moomintroll, and the two enjoy spending time together. She is a happy and energetic creature, always ready for a new adventure or a fun activity. However, her habit of suddenly changing her mind can sometimes irritate those around her. Despite this, her positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm make her a joy to be around.

Snorkmaiden is a dreamer and often fantasizes about her prince charming, imagining what he might be like and what their life together would be like. She can be a little vain and flirtatious, but she is also very resourceful when faced with difficult situations. She is a quick thinker and always ready to come up with a creative solution to a problem. Her intelligence and adaptability make her a valuable member of any group, and her loyalty and friendship make her a cherished companion to those lucky enough to have her in their lives.


Little My is a brave and fearless creature who is always eager to join the Moomins on their adventures. She seems to have a love for small catastrophes and is not afraid to take risks. Although she can be fiery and irritable at times, she is also happy and friendly. She never means to hurt anyone on purpose, but small things can easily annoy her.

Little My is not one to indulge in sentimentality, and she is quick to bring others back to earth with her acute observations. She has a knack for finding out people’s secrets but never reveals them to others. Despite her wild and reckless acts, Little My is honest and reliable. She is at home in every situation and always prepared for anything.

Her unique blend of qualities makes her a valuable member of the Moomin family, and her fearlessness and willingness to take risks often lead to exciting and unexpected adventures. While she can be a bit prickly at times, her loyalty and courage are never in doubt, and she is always ready to stand up for what she believes in.


in large herds in search of the horizon. They are silent beings, with no visible means of communication or expression. The only thing that seems to interest them is the endless journey, and once they reach the horizon, they simply continue on their way.

These unusual creatures resemble thin mushrooms, with large, unfocused eyes that change color according to their surroundings. During thunderstorms, the Hattifatteners become highly charged with electricity, and it’s best to avoid them during these times. You can sense their presence as an electrical charge in the air. At other times, they are harmless and simply pass through the landscape like a gentle breeze.

The Hattifatteners are a mysterious and enigmatic presence in the world of the Moomins. Although they seem to have no real purpose or goal, their constant wandering and questing for the horizon give them a sense of purpose and drive. They are a reminder of the vast and mysterious world beyond the familiar landscapes of Moominvalley, and their presence adds a sense of wonder and mystery to the world of the Moomins.


Sniff is a good-natured and curious character in the world of the Moomins. Although he can be a bit cowardly at times, he is generally friendly and outgoing. Sniff has a strong love for all valuable things, and he gets very excited whenever he comes across something shiny or sparkly. Owning things is important to him, and he enjoys the finer things in life.

Despite his love for luxury and wealth, Sniff is not very successful in his attempts to get rich. He often makes grand plans, but they rarely succeed. Sniff is also a bit of a gourmet, enjoying good food and drink whenever he can.

Sniff enjoys investigating new things with others, but he can sometimes get tired and quit early on. Nevertheless, he is a loyal friend to the other characters in the Moomin world and adds a sense of humor and light-heartedness to their adventures.


The Groke is a mysterious and ominous character in the world of the Moomins. Her mere presence is enough to scare everyone around her, as a chilly aura surrounds her and the ground freezes beneath her feet. The Groke rarely speaks and always travels alone.

Her appearance is also frightening, with staring eyes and a long row of shining teeth under her large nose. The Groke’s presence is often accompanied by a sense of dread and unease.

Despite her frightening appearance, the Groke is not inherently evil. She is simply a creature of the cold and darkness, and her presence serves as a reminder of the harsh realities of life in the Moomin world. The other characters in the story often try to avoid her, but they also show her empathy and understanding when they can.



Stinky is a tiny and grumpy creature known for his mischievous behavior towards the residents of Moominvalley. He takes pleasure in playing practical jokes on them and taking their belongings, driven by his spiteful nature. However, Stinky’s schemes are never successful for long as he is always caught in the act.

Despite his notoriety as a prankster, Stinky takes pride in his reputation and will stop at nothing to uphold it. Unfortunately, his antics have caused him to be excluded from social events and activities, but that does not stop him from crashing uninvited. Despite the trouble he causes, the Moomin family finds Stinky’s presence somewhat endearing, as he is a genuine rogue in their midst.

Tech Specs

  • Volume: 1.2 dl
  • Height: 50mm x width 76mm x length 135mm
  • Weight: 49g



Kupilka Oy’s registered office is Kontiolahti. It was founded in 1996. The official name of the company is Plasthill Limited. Its main field of business is the manufacturing of natural fiber composite materials and products.

“Kupilka is an old name, it goes back a long time. Even in the old days, small cups of sometimes hot, sometimes other tasty drinks were enjoyed by the campfire. When the evening came, the Kupilka, my own Kupilka was like a best friend who had time to listen… like the waves of the lake and the trees of the forest”.


The main designer of Kupilka products, i.e. dishes and knives, is industrial designer Heikki Koivurova. He is known for his down-to-earth attitude and beautiful but practical design. Kupilka products combine Finnish traditions, the latest technology and the best materials. Creating a functional and beautiful product that does not compromise on quality is the starting point of the design.


The materials of the cup are Kareline® natural fiber composite: the reinforcing material is environmentally friendly pine pulp fiber and the binder is polypropylene approved for food use. At the end of the products’ life cycle, they can be returned to plastic recycling centers, burned into heat energy in an oven or ground up for use again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kupilka 12 Moomin?

Kupilka 12 Moomin Junior Cups are a smaller version of the popular Kupilka 21 Moomin classic cup, designed specifically for kids. The Kupilka 12 Moomin is a durable and eco-friendly drinking vessel that features the beloved Moomin characters.

What is the Kupilka 12 Moomin made of?

The Kupilka 12 Moomin is made from a unique blend of natural wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer.

Is the Kupilka 12 Moomin dishwasher safe?

Yes, the Kupilka 12 Moomin is dishwasher safe.

Is the Kupilka 12 Moomin suitable for hot drinks?

Yes, the Kupilka 12 Moomin is suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

Is the Kupilka 12 Moomin microwave safe?

No, the Kupilka 12 Moomin is not microwave safe.

Can the Kupilka 12 Moomin be used for camping or outdoor activities?

Yes, the Kupilka 12 Moomin is designed for outdoor use and is perfect for camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities.

Is the Kupilka 12 Moomin environmentally friendly?

Yes, the Kupilka 12 Moomin is made from sustainable materials and is designed to be long-lasting and durable, reducing the need for single-use products.