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Kuivalihakundi Beef Jerky Teriyaki 50g


This Teriyaki-spiced beef jerky, made from Finnish meat, is an exquisite blend of sweet and salty. Ideal for direct enjoyment, it’s high in protein (23.9 g/50g) and made from 2.5 kg of roast beef for every 1 kg of jerky. A delightful treat without being overly sweet.

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Product Description

High-Protein Teriyaki Beef Jerky: Sweet-Salty Delight from Finnish Local Beef

Experience a refreshing twist on the traditional Teriyaki-spiced beef jerky. This snack strikes an exquisite balance between sweet and salty flavors. Made from locally sourced Finnish meat and dried in Jokela, its taste is irresistibly good. No matter the drying process, the distinct mix of flavors lingers on the taste buds in a playful manner for a long while after you’ve enjoyed a piece.

In comparison to previous varieties, this one stands out for its interesting twist of Teriyaki sweetness. Garlic, ginger, and a hint of sweet saltiness blend seamlessly in the marinade. Although it’s a treat to enjoy straight from the bag, this jerky also shines as a perfect snack for your home gatherings, ideally paired with salt sticks.

Each kilogram of this beef jerky is made from 2.5 kg of fresh roast beef. Kuivalihakundi proud to source all of their meat domestically from Suomi/Finland.

Exceptionally tasty, this jerky presents a sweet and salty combination without being overly sweet with a whopping protein content of 23.9 g/50g, it provides an excellent source of nutrition.




Kuivalihakundi is a company founded by a Finn Timo Lahti in 2016. It operates in Tuusula, Vantaa. In the background is a fishing trip in Lapland, which did not quite live up to expectations. At the evening campfire, jerky was fried and it’s quality was not satisfactory. That’s where the idea of ​​producing own better-quality dried meat came from.

At first, meat was prepared and sold from Timo’s home kitchen. After this, he moved the production to the own small production premises, from which the company has grown into a large player. The company Kuivalihakundi received its first facility approval for dried meat in 2015. Today, dried meat products are available from beef, pig, horse, reindeer, chicken and game.