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The topo map is the best choice for hiking, fishing, and hunting in areas of Lapland where no outdoor maps have been printed and you’ve had to depend on many regular terrain maps to get around.

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Karttakeskus Kaarresuvanto Lätäseno Tarvantovaara

Topocaps are waterproof and tear-resistant foldable terrain maps of Finland. The maps are resistant to wear and tear from repeated usage and folding. The data content matches to traditional paper terrain maps, and the underlying material is the National Land Survey's terrain database.

The topo map distribution in magazines is suited to the demands of hikers. In addition, symbols indicate deserted and reserved areas on the maps, and the map content extends to the Norwegian and Swedish sides of the national border.

The Kaaresuvanto Lätänen Tarvantovaara 1:50 000 two-sided map sheet includes the southern part of Enontekiö's Arm between the Swedish and Norwegian borders, as well as the western part of the Tarvantovaara wilderness route on the Hetan – Kautokeino road. The Lätänen and Könkämäeno river routes, as well as the headwaters near the Norwegian border, are among the many attractions in the area. Mountain biking is popular on the area's off-road routes.