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iKi Food Mustikka Blueberry Curd 100 g


Elevate your snacks with iKi Food’s luscious Blueberry Curd. Perfect as a spread for cheese and biscuits, this creamy delight is made from succulent blueberries, offering a sweet and tangy burst of flavor.

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Product Description

iKi Food Blueberry Curd Paste 100g – Sweet and Tangy Blueberry Spread for Cheese and Snacks

iKi Food’s Blueberry Curd is a delightful fruit spread made with succulent blueberries. Its rich and creamy texture makes it a perfect accompaniment for cheeses, crackers, and biscuits. Elevate your snack or dessert with the sweet and tangy flavors of this delectable blueberry curd

Tech Specs

Ingredients: Blueberries (49%), sugar, lactose-free butter, water, lime juice, citric acid, and gelling agent (agar).

iKi Food

iKi Food is a Finnish food production company founded by Aki Karvonen in Inari.

They specialize in creating intense and pure flavors using natural ingredients from the region.