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Conquer any adventure with Humps Optics Raptor Series. These large fit, polarized sunglasses with wrap-around lens are built for outdoor activities, ensuring optimum eye protection, dryness, and dust-free vision in the harshest conditions.

Speed Demon - Aqua Mirror
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Product Description

The Raptor Series Sunglasses: Mono Lens, Large/Sports Fit – Perfect for Adventure

Embrace adventure with the Raptor Series Sunglasses – a testament to the perfect blend of strength, comfort, and protection. With a unique mono lens design and large/sports fit, these sunglasses are geared towards those with a thirst for the great outdoors.

The frames of the Raptor Series are crafted from durable recycled plastics, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability without compromising on quality. These frames are not only strong but also lightweight, offering an effortless balance between durability and comfort.

At the core of the Raptor Series is the 7-barrel metal fish-head hinge. This robust hinge ensures a secure and comfortable fit, making these sunglasses a reliable companion for any sports or outdoor activity.

The lens of the Raptor Series stands out with multiple protective features. Designed to be anti-scratch, polarized, and providing UV400 protection, it’s an impact-tested lens that guarantees to safeguard your eyes. The lens reduces glare, blocks harmful UV rays, and resists damage, ensuring an unhindered visual experience.

Designed with a secure sports fit, these sunglasses are tailored for medium to large heads, ensuring they stay put during your most intense activities.

What sets the Raptor Series apart is the full-coverage mono-lens. This design allows for remarkable protection from the sun, dirt, and dust. Perfect for mountain biking, hiking, or simply enjoying the beach, the Raptor Series promises excellent coverage to keep you focused on your adventure, not on the elements.

Step into the wild with the Raptor Series Sunglasses, your reliable partner in every adventure. Experience superior protection, comfort, and sustainability in a stylish package.

Tech Specs

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Frame: Speed Demon – Aqua Mirror – Gloss Clear | Obsidian – Gloss Black
  • Lens Color: Speed Demon – Aqua Mirror – Aqua Blue Mirror | Obsidian – Polarized Dark Black
  • UV Rating: 100% UV 400 Protection
  • Frame Size: Large
  • Ideal For: Adventurous lifestyles – perfect for riding, hiking, beach activities, snow sports
  • Included Accessories: Soft Case, Microfiber Cloth, and Sticker Pack


Humps Optics

Humps is a California-based retailer specializing in polarized sunglasses, offering mirrored and non-mirrored lenses. They focus on delivering high-quality eyewear at an affordable price.

Humps Optics prioritizes timeless design over fleeting fashion trends, paying homage to classic styles that withstand the test of time. Their camel logo symbolizes this enduring lifestyle. The sunglasses feature durable injection-molded plastic frames, spring-loaded or 3-5 barrel herringbone metal hinges for a comfortable fit, and impact-approved lenses providing 100% UV400 protection and polarization. These sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes without compromising style or budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in the frames?

Humps Optics is eco-friendly. Humps Optics frames are crafted entirely from recycled plastic. These strength-tested frames demonstrate superior durability and flexibility. With the added advantage of our metal fish-head hinges, they offer a comfortable yet secure fit.

What are the lenses made of?

Humps Optics' lenses are manufactured from impact-tested polycarbonate. They feature a multitude of benefits, including polarization, UVA/UVB 400 blocking, scratch resistance, and superior clarity.

What face shape best suits these sunglasses?

These sunglasses are designed to complement the classic shapes of yesteryears, featuring a 50mm lens for a medium fit. The spring hinge ensures a secure yet comfortable fit, making them suitable for most face shapes. They especially enhance square, round, and heart-shaped faces.