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Humps Optics Arctic Glaze Polarized Ski & Snowboard Flat Frame Googles


Anti Fog, Polarized & Magnetic Quick Change. Put them in your backpack and be ready for your adventure!

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Product Description

Humps Optics Arctic Glaze Polarized Ski & Snowboard Flat Frame Googles

They spent last winter creating and testing the goggles in a variety of conditions, from cold whiteouts to sun burnt  spring sessions, as enthusiastic skiers and boarders. They wanted to create a product which we could trust on. This meant spending entire days in the woods, alternating between sweaty hikes and freezing winds and foggy tree-lined descents. These babies really exceeded their expectations and fought their way through everything they threw at them. Each goggle comes with two lenses: one for bright light and the other for low light, allowing for a completely versatile setup. The goggle sock protects that additional lens in your pocket, and the magnetic quick release design allows you to switch lenses with one hand in seconds.
  • FRAME: A flexible and powerful frame that can be used with or without a helmet.
  • LENS: Polarized, UV400, dual layer anti-fog technology.
  • STRAP: Anti-slip triple braided rubber - ideal for helmets or beanies.
  • COMFORT: A comfortable and secure fit is provided by the triple layer multi density foam.
  • DUAL LENSES: Each goggle comes with one lens for bright sunshine and one lens for cloudy whiteout.
  • QUICK CHANGE: Change the lens in seconds with one hand!

Tech Specs

Two Lenses: Scratch-resistant, polarized, UV400. These lenses are the easiest to replace on the market, stay in position, and don’t require a complicated attachment system thanks to their completely magnetic design.

They threw in a custom lens sock as well to keep them protected and stylin while enjoying your après ski…

1. Dark Black – Grey Tint: designed for sunny conditions
2. Sunset Mirror – Yellow Tint: designed for foggy or white-out conditions.

The Frame: With or without a helmet, the exceptionally flexible frame, combined with three layers of foam padding and a slip-resistant strap, provides a very comfortable fit.
The top and lower vents perform an excellent job of venting heat while keeping moisture and fog out, ensuring optimum visibility throughout the day. They also cut a slot on the inside of the frame to allow prescription glasses.

Size/Fit: A regular fit that may be worn with or without a helmet. The goggle frame fits perfectly within the shapes of a helmet or around a beanie, and the non-slip strap provides for lots of flexibility.

The Case: The grab-and-go design is great for a pack-and-forget setup, since it holds your goggles, both lenses, and goggle sock.