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The Throw Tow is a versatile and innovative rescue tool designed specifically for seakayakers. It combines the functions of a tow line and throw bag, offering a range of applications for safety and rescue situations.

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Product Description

The Throw Tow is an innovative and multi-functional rescue tool designed specifically for seakayakers by renowned safety specialist Jeff Allen. Combining the functions of a tow line and throw bag, it serves as a versatile piece of equipment, doubling as a lifeline or sea drogue. With a 15m special rope, cone-shaped bag for easy repacking, stainless steel D-ring, high-end karabiner, seadog plastic karabiner, drawcord closure, high visibility webbing band, robust cordura material, waist belt with fixlock buckle and stainless steel O-ring, and a fixing point for attachment to a PFD (Personal Flotation Device), the Throw Tow offers a comprehensive solution for seakayaking rescue needs.

Tech Specs

  • Rope-Type: 7,5mm core mantle
  • Rope Breaking Load: 840 daN
  • Height: 22 cm
  • Weight: 520g (plus 200g Belt)



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