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The ultimate hammock accessory. Lightweight, adjustable, and durable. Take control of your hammock camping experience.

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Product Description

Haven Whoopie Slings: The Ultimate Hammock Camping Accessory for Campsite Control

Introducing Haven Whoopie Slings: the ultimate hammock camping accessory. Weighing just 57g, these slings extend up to 12 feet, giving you full control over your campsite selection. Their adjustable loops provide easy length customization, while their durable construction ensures they can withstand any weather and hold any person. Take control of your hammock camping experience with Haven Whoopie Slings today!

Tech Specs

  • Combined Sling Length: 365 cm
  • Combined Sling with Carabiner Weight – 100 g
  • Combined Sling Weight: 57 g
  • Made from 3.5mm UHMWPE with a breaking strength of 850 kgs.



Haven Tents

Haven Tents is a camping tent brand founded by Derek Tillotson in 2019. Tillotson and his wife McKenzie were on a world tour with their three children in 2018 when they decided to make it their Year of Creativity. While camping on their family ranch in Oregon, Tillotson found it hard to get comfortable in a traditional camping hammock and came up with an idea for a camping hammock tent that would allow for a flat-lay sleeping position. After many prototypes and feedback from friends and family, the Haven Tent was born. The business was launched on Kickstarter in September 2019 but faced immediate delays due to the global pandemic. However, the Haven Tent received positive feedback and has gained popularity among camping enthusiasts. The company has since added more talent to its team to further its goal of making sleep the highlight of camping.

Haven Tents aims to bring the comforts of home to the outdoors with its patented camping hammocks designed to keep users comfortable throughout the night. The brand has introduced new products and accessories, including Haven XL and Haven Safari. Its headquarters are located in Sandy, Utah, and the team is invested in designing products that prioritize making sleep the highlight of camping. The brand tests its gear rigorously to ensure that users can adventure with confidence and get a good night's sleep with a Haven Tent.