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Size Guide:

  • Small – 4-6
  • Medium – 6-9
  • Large – 10-11
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Product Description

Haago Foot Warmers

Slip the Haago Insole Food Warmers into your walking shoe or boot before your next outdoor adventure to keep your feet warm and toasty all day.

The Haago Food Warmers come in a pair to keep both feet warm.

Using only natural chemicals, the warmers are activated by exposing them to oxygen… that’s it! With a gentle shake, the warmer will stay warm for up to 10 hours and will heat up in 5 minutes.


  • When our warmers are exposed to oxygen, they activate. After activating your warmer, slip it into your shoes and it will keep your feet warm for up to 10 hours.
  • Perfect for long days spent outside in the cold at work or play.
  • Natural oxidation at its finest.
  • Our warmers rely on simple, clever, and entirely natural chemical reactions.




Häago embarked on a mission with a clear goal: to develop eco-friendly solutions catering to outdoor enthusiasts across various activities. Today, häago stands as a prominent figure in the eco-friendly product sector, supplying a diverse clientele, including retailers, television production studios, garden centers, and individuals, with top-notch warmers and tableware that combine effectiveness with environmental consciousness. Unwavering commitment to sustainability remains the cornerstone of operations, continuously striving to discover innovative approaches to diminish the environmental footprint and advocate for positive transformations, all while enhancing the comfort of outdoor experiences.