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Grower’s Cup Guatemala, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee


Using the Coffee Brewer from Grower’s Cup Guatemala coffee will increase your outdoor coffee experience!

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Product Description

Grower's Cup Guatemala, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee (1ME = 12 pcs)

Whenever you go, drink organic coffee that is multicolored from Guatemala. Dark chocolate, plums, and red fruit flavors are masked by a herbal flavor in Guatemalan coffee. Additionally, the Guatemalan beans they use have a nutty flavor and delicious peach tones. A smokey aftertaste might also be present.

Antigua, which is 50 kilometers from Guatemala's current capital, is where Guatemalan coffee is grown. The coffee beans used in the drinks are collected by hand and carefully cleaned. In Antigua, coffee is still grown using traditional Mayan farming techniques. This coffee is unique because of the volcanic soil. The site was added to the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1979.

Reusable bag: The coffee bag is a PE coated, paper bag without any aluminum. There is an ingenious filter inside the bags, which can be used again after cleaning and refilling. 

Making coffee: Pouring 3 dl of boiling water heated to 95 degrees into the bag and letting it simmer for 2-4 minutes produces coffee. In this bag, the flavors, smells, and fats of the coffee are all perfectly preserved. You don't need a separate filter or pan because the coffee is easily poured into the cup from the bag.

Stew times

4 min - Mild
6 min - Good
8 min - Strong

Tech Specs

  • Taste: Herbal, chocolate
  • Serving: 2 cups (1.5 dl / serving)
  • Quality: 100% Guatemalan Arabica coffee
  • Quantity: 21 g ground coffee
  • Specials Certificates: Fairtrade and Eco (DE-009-Eco-Control)
  • Packaging: no aluminum, bag is made of PE coated paper, reusable