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Grower’s Cup Brazil, Fairtrade Coffee


Using the Coffee Brewer from Grower’s Cup Brazil will increase your outdoor coffee experience!

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Product Description

Growers Cup Brazil, Fairtrade Coffee (1ME = 12 pcs)

Brazil coffee is powerful wherever you go. Having the flavor of freshly roasted coffee, the perfect Fair Trade tour coffee. The coffee beans are carefully chosen and hand-picked. The coffee beans are given a distinct flavour by being carefully roasted in small batches in micro-roasters.

Reusable bag: The coffee bag is a PE coated, paper bag without any aluminum. There is an ingenious filter inside the bags, which can be used again after cleaning and refilling. 

Making coffee: Pouring 3 dl of boiling water heated to 95 degrees into the bag and letting it simmer for 2-4 minutes produces coffee. In this bag, the flavors, smells, and fats of the coffee are all perfectly preserved. You don’t need a separate filter or pan because the coffee is easily poured into the cup from the bag.

Stew times

4 min – Mild
6 min – Good
8 min – Strong

Tech Specs

  • Taste: Strong
  • Servings: 2 cups (1.5 dl/serving)
  • Quality: 100% Brazilian Arabica coffee
  • Quantity: 21 g of ground coffee
  • Cultivation altitude: 900-1600 m above sea level
  • Certificates: Fairtrade
  • Award Winning Innovation and Design: Numerous international awards.
  • Packaging: does not contain aluminum, the bag is made of PE coated paper, reusable