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Grangers Performance Repel Plus 275ml


Boost your garment’s longevity with our spray-on waterproofing solution. Ideal for non-washable or wicking-tech fabrics, it’s effective without heat, fluorocarbon-free, and perfect for Gore-Tex®, eVENT®, and all water-resistant garments.

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Product Description

Superior Spray-On Waterproofing Solution for All Garments – No Heat Required

Boost your garment’s resilience with superior water resistance! Our spray-on waterproofing solution is specifically engineered to enhance the water-repellency of any garment that might not be appropriate for machine washing. It is also highly recommended for garments with wicking technology. Its effectiveness is uncompromised, without the requirement of heat activation. The formula is fluorocarbon-free, making it ideal for Gore-Tex®, eVENT®, and all other water-repellent fabrics.



Grangers is a British company established in 1936, specializing in manufacturing waterproofing, cleaning, and care products for textiles, footwear, and outdoor gear. In 1947, the company pioneered the world’s first water-based waterproofing product.

Grangers emphasizes the environmental importance of prolonging the lifespan of outdoor clothing and footwear, alongside their commitment to using ecologically manufactured materials and bottles. Grangers’ bottles are made from Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP), sourced from marine plastic waste. OWP bottles are recyclable and contain no primary plastic materials.

Grangers proudly holds the Bluesign® certification, ensuring that their products do not contain harmful ingredients for both humans and the environment. These products are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental standards at their facility in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Grangers’ products are cruelty-free and free from PFCs (per- and polyfluorinated chemicals).