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Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Patches, Camping Repair Patches


Easy and fun way to repair and personalize jackets, outerwear, and backpacks in seconds.

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Product Description

GearAid Tenacious Tape Gear Patches: Fun and easy way to repair jackets, outerwear, and backpacks. These repair tape patterns require no sewing, ironing, or heat treatment. Personalize your equipment while enjoying durable and personalized patches. The strong adhesive of Tenacious Tape permanently bonds to outdoor fabrics, nylon, vinyl, polyester, and GORE-TEX fabric. Weatherproof and simple to apply, just press the patch in place. No sewing or heat treatment needed. After 24 hours, the garment can be washed. With GearAid Tenacious Tape, you can quickly repair cuts, tears, and breaks in seconds.

Tech Specs

  • Repair tape patches for outdoor equipment
  • Black, camping / hiking patterns
  • No sewing required
  • No heat treatment required
  • Various sizes


Gear Aid

Specializing in rejuvenating outdoor gear that may seem worn out but can be brought back to life for your next adventure. Whether it’s a torn wetsuit from underwater exploration, a snagged jacket from mountain climbing, or well-used fins, this service is here to help.

The belief is that gear imperfections tell stories of outdoor experiences, like the patched waders from the Bighorn River or tent stitching from a hailstorm in Zion. The mission is to empower outdoor enthusiasts to care for and extend the life of their gear, reducing waste and preserving memories.

Through DIY and care products, the aim is to assist adventurers in repairing and refreshing their equipment, making every gash and tear a part of their unique journey and commitment to the environment. Let’s keep gear in action and stories alive.