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The Flextailgear Heated Blanket is a Multifunctional Heated Blanket.

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Product Description

Flextailgear Heated Blanket

Flextailgear offers the most convenient, safe, and multifunctional heated gear. It will keep you warm and cozy at all hours of the day and night. It’s perfect for chilly winter and fall weather. Take it with you everywhere. Simply press the button and let the warmth wash over you.

A traditional heated blanket is made of poor heating wire that cannot sustain the conditions or your lifestyle. They use high-tech carbon fiber heating wire and the latest weaving technology to weave carbon fiber yarn and cotton thread into a heating blanket. It quickens, secures, and stabilizes heating while completely avoiding the hardness of carbon fiber heating wire and traditional heating wire.

This heating wire is totally water repellent, making it 100% washable.

The Flextailgear Heated Blanket can be powered by a power bank or other USB plugs and taken with you anywhere to keep you warm and comfortable. Ideal for use at home, the office, the car, the outdoors, and travel. It also has three warming settings (high temperature, medium temperature, and low temperature) to help you find your ideal level of comfort. At low temperatures, a 5000mAh power bank can meet a 10-hour heating demand.

Each Heated Blanket will include a hand pump and an inflatable cushion. When you need it, you can easily convert it into a heated pillow. The degree of inflation of the inflatable cushion can be used to adjust the thickness of the pillow.

You can convert a blanket into a pillow in 10 seconds with the FLEXTAILGEAR TINY PUMP X (sold separately).




Flextail is a brand is known for producing lightweight and portable outdoor gear, with a focus on outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. The company offers a variety of products, including portable air pumps, inflatable pillows, lanterns, and portable power banks. Flextail is based in China and was founded in 2017.

Flextail prides itself on creating products that are not only functional and high-quality but also compact and easy to carry. The company uses innovative materials and designs to make its products as lightweight and portable as possible, which makes them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who value convenience and efficiency.