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Fjällräven Waterproof Packbag

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Waterproof pack bag made of strong nylon with a reflective print on the side. Easy roll-top closure with a metal hook.

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Product Description

Fjällräven Waterproof Packbag

Clothing and equipment are kept dry with a waterproof pack bag. It’s made of strong, waterproof nylon with a PU coating and taped seams. Perfect for ice skating backpacks or waterproof storage when backpacking. A durable metal hook secures the roll-top closure. On the side, there’s a reflective logo. In most weather and geographical conditions, UN Blue is one of the most visible colors.

  • Waterproof packbag.
  • Rolltop closure with metal hook.
  • Note, not submersible!.

Tech Specs

  • Material: 100% polyamide 210D
  • Volume: 10L/20L/70L
  • Weight: 80/110/190 g



Fjällräven traces its origins to the vision of Åke Nordin, born in 1936 in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden's Höga Kusten region, known for its rugged terrain. Åke's childhood adventures in this area inspired him to make nature more accessible to people. During one of his journeys, he conceived the idea of Fjällräven, driven by the need for a comfortable backpack capable of carrying equipment.

With a mother's sewing machine and his father's tools, Åke crafted a backpack with a wooden frame in his basement. In 1960, he officially founded Fjällräven and introduced his first product. Over time, Fjällräven expanded its product range to include tents, sleeping bags, jackets, and pants. Iconic offerings like the Greenland Jacket, Expedition Down Jacket, and Kånken backpack have made Fjällräven a trusted brand in Sweden, with every second Swede being a Fjällräven user.