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FabPatch Vaatelaastari RYTMI Clothing Patch


Improve the style of your outerwear! The clothing patch attaches without ironing or sewing; just place, cover, and decorate!

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Product Description

FabPatch Vaatelaastari RYTMI Clothing Patch

Patches for clothing are particularly well suited for use on athletic and outdoor apparel, such as sweatpants, backpacks, and sweatpants. Suitable for both flexible and non-flexible textiles, including underwear and even shoes.

Contains 5 pieces of clothing patches in the package

  • Maxi, 2 pcs, 11 x 7.5 cm, oval, black
  • Medium 2 pcs, 7 x 8 cm, hexagon, patterned
  • Mini 1 pc, 4.5 cm, X, black

Material: 100% Recycled Polyester



FabPatch, an innovative product from Oikiat Design Oy, was established in 2017. These clothing patches are manufactured in Finland, featuring designs by Finnish creators and are available in various materials. Oikiat Design Oy has received recognition, including the Design from Finland label and the Key Flag label, highlighting their commitment to Finnish design and manufacturing. In 2022, the company was honored with the “Vuoden Designteko” (Design Achievement of the Year) award.

FabPatch serves to extend the lifespan of textiles and offer a quick, design-conscious, and eco-friendly solution for consumers. Its use reduces the need for sewing repairs, lessens the demand for new raw materials, minimizes energy consumption, and cuts emissions from transportation. The product adheres to European chemical legislation, ensuring it contains no harmful substances, aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and supports sustainability in production and consumption practices.