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FabPatch Vaatelaastari Raita Clothing Patch


Stylishly upgrade your clothes and gear! Vaatelaastari attaches easily by rubbing, without ironing or sewing, to patch, cover, and decorate!

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Product Description

FabPatch Vaatelaastari Raita Clothing Patch

Clothing patches are designed and manufactured in Finland. Patches for clothing can be used to repair items like shoes, backpacks, sweatpants, and chairs. The product works well for flexible and non-elastic textiles and a number of different undergarments as well. 

Raita Clothing Patch contains 5 Patches:

  • Maxi, 2 pcs, 11 x 7.5 cm, oval, black 
  • Medium 2 pcs, 6.5 cm, round, black and white striped 
  • Mini 1 pc, 4.5 cm, X, black 
  • Designer Oikiat Design Oy 

Tech Specs

Patches are knitted elastically in Finland. The textile is made 100% of recycled polyester, with the raw material being plastic bottle waste. The black clothing patches have been dyed through. Elastane is not present in the knit. The clothing patch adhesive is REACH certified and does not contain any ingredients of animal origin or substances of special concern (SVHC). The bag’s raw material is renewable sugar cane. A plaster of Paris is a low-carbon footprint product, meaning it extends the life of the repaired object while reducing its carbon footprint.