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EdelWeiss Link HMS Screw Gate Carabiner


Light and compact HMS carabiner in the shape of a pear.

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Product Description

EdelWeiss Link Screw Gate Carabiner

HMS pear-shaped carabiner with keylock closure and screw gate. The gate has a closure indicator pictogram engraved on it.

Tech Specs

  • Material: Light alloy
  • Opening: 20 mm
  • Major axis strength: 28 kN
  • Minor axis strength: 8 kN
  • Open strength: 8 kN
  • Length: 105 mm
  • Width: 66 mm
  • Standard: CE – EN 12275/362 – UIAA
  • Type: H/B
  • Weight: 66 g


Founded in 1935, Edelweiss has played a pivotal role in the evolution of mountaineering and modern sport climbing. In 1953, they introduced the groundbreaking “kernmantle” rope design, revolutionizing climbing safety. Edelweiss’s commitment to innovation and safety extends to in-house design and production, resulting in a wide range of specialized rope constructions. They prioritize exceeding industry standards in testing, ensuring top-tier safety and performance for climbers.