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All Season Insulation for your Hammock

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Product Description

DD Hammocks Underblanket

The DD Underblanket is an excellent addition to your DD hammock, providing extra warmth and wind protection. The Underblanket is attached to the bottom of your hammock with eight karabiners, four toggles, and an elastic cord. The ends are held together by a drawcord.
The Underblanket, which fits like a glove, traps a layer of warm air between it and the bottom of the blanket, providing extra insulation.
The ripstop nylon prevents significant rips, and the 200gsm synthetic silk fill keeps you warm and cozy in cold weather.
You will only carry an extra 950g in the form of a neat stuff sack for the extra warmth and wind protection.

How does it perform?

The majority of heat loss in hammock camping occurs from below due to your body weight compressing your clothing or the loft in your sleeping bag. The DD Hammock Underblanket combats this by hanging beneath your hammock so that the loft is not compressed, thereby creating a pocket of air warmed by your body heat. To achieve the best insulation, hang it with a little slack so that it gently ‘hugs’ the hammock when you’re inside.

Because our DD Underblanket is 2m long, it will provide nearly full-length insulation for the majority of people. We recommend orienting it slightly towards your head.

The DD Underblanket works to prevent heat loss from beneath you in temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius. Hang it beneath your hammock and enjoy the warmth it generates in minutes for a restful night’s sleep! This is, in our opinion, the best hammock insulation for a cold night in the woods!


  • Ripstop Nylon Blanket
    with water-resistant coating, filled with 200gsm synthetic silk
  • 8 lengths of Elastic pre-fitted
    with DD Mini Karabiners attached to clip to your hammock
  • Drawcord to Cinch the ends, and sides
  • Includes compression stuff sack
    for easy packing

Tech Specs

Material: Ripstop nylon, 200gsm synthetic silk fill

Size: Fits all DD hammocks made since 2012

Dimensions: 200cm x 124cm (at widest and longest points)

Weight: 950g

Colours: Olive Green