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This DD’s tarp is a longer and narrower model that works well as a hanging rain cover. When the weather is bad, we recommend lowering the tarp and keeping it close to the hammock. This does not provide as much protection from the long sides as the 3 x 3 m tarp, which we recommend for hammock camping.

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Product Description

DD Hammocks Tarp M

Durable, adaptable, and very light lounge clothing. There are lots of applications. This model is longer and narrower than the previous one. As an independent rain cover, it is a very functional solution. When the weather is bad, we recommend lowering the tarp and keeping it close to the hammock.

The tarp has 19 durable mounting loops that allow for a wide range of installation options. Each tarp corner has a loop, and each side has three loops. A line of three loops runs across the middle line of the tarp, through the holes through which the tarp’s cord can be threaded.

Tech Specs

  • Color: Olive and brown
  • Size: 3.5mx 2.4m
  • Weight: 740g (does not include wedges or strings)
  • Material: Polyurethane brushed polyester (3000mm). Seams taped
  • Attachment points: 19
  • Includes: Tarp, 4 x 2m ropes, 4 wedges and a packing bag


DD Hammocks

DD Hammocks, founded by Nick Vansittart, is a British company based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Their products have a global presence and are utilized by various organizations, including bushcraft schools, jungle training programs, and featured in TV survival shows.
Nick's inspiration for DD Hammocks came during his extensive travels, where he sought a lightweight and compact camping solution. He discovered hammocks that offered the ideal combination of weight savings and comfort, especially compared to traditional tents. Nick's quest for the perfect hammock led him to create his own Camping Hammock, combining essential camping features like wind and bug protection with a lightweight, compact, comfortable, and affordable design. In 2005, he officially established DD Hammocks as his brand, offering innovative solutions for outdoor enthusiasts.