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DD Hammocks Frontline XL


The DD Hammocks XL Frontline hammock is a bigger hammock. It is 3m x 1.8m in size and is perfect for tall persons.

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Product Description

DD Hammocks Frontline XL

The DD Hammocks XL Frontline hammock comes with a mosquito net and a two-way zipper on both sides. When not in use, the mosquito net can be tied above the independent.

Because it is made of breathable cotton and has a tiny mosquito net mesh, this hammock is perfect for use even in the jungle.

Mosquito nets are truly mosquito-proof.  The net is so thick, it keeps all tropical insects out. A Scottish Midge with a size of around 1.4 mm is known to be unable to enter the net. A Finnish tern’s size is about 1-2 mm, so it can fit through the holes in the net.

  • Fixed mosquito net (black)
  • Lightweight, stackable arches x 2
  • A two-layer breathable sole that can be put in between to insulate the sleeping pad against the cold
  • Two-way, full-length zippers on the sides
  • Can be used without mosquito net (attachment above or flip down)
  • Inside pocket for goods, hanging pocket and fastening hooks

Tech Specs

  • Size: 3m mx 1.8m
  • Color: Olive green & Camo
  • Network: Black
  • Material: Polyester + mosquito net
  • Weight: about 1900 g
    • Fabric: about 1250g
    • mooring ropes 10 m 200 g
    • rubber bands 4 m (50 g)
    • 2 x mosquito net curves 210 g
    • luggage pocket and packing bag
  • Maximum user weight: 125 kg
  • Maximum user length: suitable for all lengths




DD Hammocks

DD Hammocks, founded by Nick Vansittart, is a British company based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Their products have a global presence and are utilized by various organizations, including bushcraft schools, jungle training programs, and featured in TV survival shows.
Nick's inspiration for DD Hammocks came during his extensive travels, where he sought a lightweight and compact camping solution. He discovered hammocks that offered the ideal combination of weight savings and comfort, especially compared to traditional tents. Nick's quest for the perfect hammock led him to create his own Camping Hammock, combining essential camping features like wind and bug protection with a lightweight, compact, comfortable, and affordable design. In 2005, he officially established DD Hammocks as his brand, offering innovative solutions for outdoor enthusiasts.