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CT D-Shape TG Carabiner Black


Featuring a D-shaped light alloy design, this triple twist-lock carabiner is purpose-built for mountaineering, hauling, and rescues. Its directional shape boosts strength, aligns loads for safety, and improves efficiency. Ideal for belay stations, high-altitude work, hauling, and rescue activities. Its snag-free nose ensures smooth clipping and unclipping.

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Product Description

D-shaped light alloy carabiner featuring a triple twist-lock gate, designed specifically for mountaineering, hauling, and rescue operations.

  • The directional design enhances strength and promotes load orientation along the major axis for optimal safety and efficiency.
  • Perfectly suited for belay stations, working at elevated heights, hauling tasks, and conducting rescue maneuvers.
  • Equipped with a snag-free nose to prevent unwanted catching during clipping and unclipping.



CT Climbing Technology is a well-known brand in the climbing and outdoor industry. Climbing Technology specializes in manufacturing a wide range of climbing equipment and accessories, including carabiners, harnesses, helmets, belay devices, ascenders, descenders, and other safety gear and equipment used by climbers and mountaineers.

The brand is recognized for its commitment to producing high-quality and reliable climbing gear, and its products are used by climbers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Climbing Technology is known for incorporating innovative designs and advanced materials to enhance safety and performance in climbing and mountaineering activities.