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Calazo Sareks nationalpark 1:50.000


Calazo Sareks Nationalpark 1:50.000 is a new generation mountain map featuring detailed terrain information based on airborne laser scanning. It is made of tear-resistant Tyvek material, making it completely insensitive to water. Explore Ruohtesvágge and Rapadalen areas with ease.

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Calazo Sareks Nationalpark 1:50.000: The New Generation Mountain Map

Experience the new generation mountain map of Calazo Sareks Nationalpark 1:50.000, featuring a wealth of detail not found in other maps of the same area. The map is based on airborne laser scanning, providing completely new elevation curves, watercourses, slopes, and more.

Explore the Ruohtesvágge area with Áhkká north of the valley and Sarek’s highest peaks around Sarektjåhkkå. The other side of the map covers the entire Rapadalen down to Aktse by Kungsleden and the Bårdde massif.

They use Tyvek®, a synthetic fiber material, to make our map completely insensitive to water and tear-resistant. You won’t have to worry about tearing in the folds or color fading with a Tyvek map. Get your Calazo Sareks Nationalpark 1:50.000 map today and explore the rugged terrain with ease.