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Whoopie slings Pro allow you to properly level the hammock and shape it to your preference. Smart hooks to hold your bags and the HANDY Pocket for your belongings are also included.

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Product Description

Bushmen Whoopie Sling Pro

This “PRO” sign indicates that, in addition to their basic function, these whoopie slings provide something special. The whoopie slings’ primary use is to easily adjust the tension level of a hammock.

PRO Whoopie Slings and the EASY Hammock Suspension are two of the most convenient ways for deploying and adjusting hammock suspension. They do not need knot knowledge.

Short, so-called fixed loops are attached to the loops at the hammock’s ends. Long loops, known as tensioning loops, are typically tied to strap carabiners (tree huggers) that are wrapped around the trees. The adjustable length of the loops allows you to exactly level the hammock and shape it to your preference. When the hammock is stretched, these loops lock and hold the hammock in place. Tensioning loops are fitted with unique orange beads to prevent the loops from accidently sliding out. They  left 20 cm of free cord between the loops so you can thread the fixed loops straight through the hammock’s end channels instead of the traditional hammock loops.
Tighten the remaining part of the whoopie sling through the fixed loop. By attaching the whoopie slings directly to the hammock, you can “slim it down” by decreasing the weight of the regular hammock loops.

Most other whoopie sling manufacturers leave the free ends unused. We’ve added smart hooks to the free ends of our PRO Whoopie slings so that they can be used to hang on baggage, such as a backpack.

If the free ends are too short, they can attach them next to the slings’ whoopie cords. As a result, they created two easy loops for hanging your baggage. You can hang-on bags weighing up to 10 kg in this way.

If the free ends are long enough, we can make a “baby hammock,” or a place to hang a backpack.
This method has the advantage of keeping the backpack close at hand.

Pitching is simple. The free ends of the PRO Whoopie Slings were threaded through the backpack handle on one side and the backpack harness on the other. Hook the end of the cord back to the chord. By pulling the hook, it will make a loop and tighten the line, causing the backpack to hang over the ground. The hooks are designed in such a way that they hold the backpack, which may weigh up to 20 kg, in the proper place.

Because the weight of the backpack is divided among two hooks and two cords, a maximum of 20 kg is possible. Each hook is loaded to the maximum allowable weight of 5 kg.

Remember! Allow some room between the hammock and the backpack so that when you lie down in the hammock, the backpack does not pinch you.

Tech Specs

  • The total length of 300 cm
  • Total adjustment range 90cm-300cm
  • Total weight 30g
  • Cord 3mm UHMWPE
  • Maximum hook load – 5 kg
  • The maximum static load of PRO Whoopie slings 700kg (total)

Set contains:

  • A pair of PRO Whoopie slings
  • HANDY Pocket / s



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