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The VAGABOND mosquito net is a 220g net that protects you from mosquitoes whether you are sleeping on a mattress or in a hammock. Finally, there are no unwelcome visitors such as ticks in your hair or earwigs, and most importantly, there are no buzzing, irritating, biting insects.

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Product Description

Bushmen Vagabond Mosquito Net

This mosquito net can be used in a hammock as well as on the ground when sleeping.

Density of network

Mosquitoes, mites, deer flies, and woodpeckers cannot penetrate it because it has 144 holes per square centimeter.

Openings at the ends

A packing bag is placed at the opposite end of the net, with a slit at the bottom and a drawstring at the mouth. On the opposite end, there is another opening with a strap and a tightening rope that can be used to close the end. To hold the net up, a rope can be put through each opening / slit at the end.

The entrance is located at the bottom of the net.

The lowest portion of the net is open at a distance of around 10 feet. 190 cm. There are strengthened straps with a drawstring at the opening's edge. A clamping buckle with a buckle can be used to alter the size of the opening at the bottom of the net.

How to use the network with an independent?

The hammock is secured to Whoopie slings or regular attachment cords with the brush rope attached to carabiners (not included in the package). The net is self-contained and is pulled around the rope. The mosquito net is attached to the brush rope and descends around the hammock, allowing it to completely surround the hammock. The tensioning string in the strip alley is tightened to adjust the opening in the bottom portion.

The size of the opening in the lower portion of the hammock is loosened and tightened to and from the hammock.

The mosquito net fits hammocks up to 3.2 meters long.

Ridglian correction

Ridgeline features a hook on one end and a clamp on the other, with each end hooked to the fastening carabiners on the fastening cords separately and tightened with a buckle on the other end. You may adjust the brush cord as needed once you are alone inside.

Size and installation height of a compatible sleeping pad

A platform with a maximum size of 2 mx 60 cm can be put within the mosquito net when sleeping on the ground. Install the rope rope at around knee height when sleeping on the ground.

The product includes

1 x Mosquito net - 220g
1 x Ridgeline, or brush rope 10g


Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 3,1mx 1,5m
  • Dimensions in a 20x10cm bag
  • Maximum dimensions of hammock: 3,3mx1,5m.
  • Maximum dimensions of mattress: 2mx0,6m.
  • Weight: 220g

Set contains: