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Bushmen Survival Bracelet 6m

Survival bracelet – so little and yet so much.
An offer for the adventurous – no emergency whistles or plastic buckles are included. This is a 6m,  made of strong paracord (original, strong 7-core paracord), thick firesteel, and a comfortable firestarter with a short blade

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Product Description

Bushmen Survival Bracelet 6m

The survival bracelet 6m is also a dependable source of fire in the form of a comfortable and unique buckle. The set enables you to effectively ignite a fire in challenging situations; all you need is some dry tinder and a little experience. The firesteel can be used without the rope being untied.

  • it straps and secures your equipment
  • trap
  • bowstrings
  • emergency knife handle
  • camping alarm
  • rope to build a shelter
  • shoelaces
  • harness
  • and many, many other ways to use it.
Fire guarantees you:
  • warmth
  • protection
  • signalization
  • safe food

Tech Specs

  • Length: 6m
  • No. of paracord cores: 7
  • Firestarter
  • Spark striker