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Bushmen Survival Bracelet 3m


Survival bracelet – so little and yet so much.
A survival bracelet that includes a firestarter and a whistle.
3m of strong parachute cord braided into a useful, discrete bracelet. Buckle includes a firestarter, a spark striker, and a rescue whistle.

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Product Description

Bushmen Survival Bracelet 3m

The bracelet measures around 3 meters in length. Braided parachute cord (7 cores) into an useful and discreet bracelet. On the one hand, it's an useful piece of EDC (every day carry) and on the other, it's unique men's jewelry. In the buckle of the bracelet, there is discreetly hidden:
  • Firestarter – a reliable source of fire,
  • Spark striker
  • Rescue whistle (it may be yours “to be or not to be” in emergency situations).
  • fix or/and securing of your equipment
  • bowstring
  • emergency knife handle
  • camping alarm
  • a rope for the construction of a shelter
  • laces
  • harness
  • trap
  • and many, many other uses.

Tech Specs

  • Length- 3m
  • No. of paracord cores- 7
  • Firestarter
  • Spark striker
  • Rescue whistle