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Biokia Organic Lingonberry Powder 30g


The lingonberry powder, made from whole dried organic lingonberries, combines the nutrients of the berries as well as a delicious, tangy taste in a concentrated form. One spoonful provides the recommended daily dosage of berries.

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Product Description

Biokia Organic Lingonberry Powder 30g

Biokia’s Organic Lingonberry Powder is made from entire dried wild lingonberries from Finland. Because of its flavor and health benefits, lingonberries have been used in a number of ways for centuries. Biokia Organic Lingonberry Powder provides the lingonberry’s refreshing flavor and health benefits in a convenient form. It is high in fiber, vitamins E and K, as well as iron, copper, and manganese. One tablespoon equals about 1 cup fresh lingonberries. High fiber with no sugar added. Naturally contains sugars.

These 100% berry powders are prepared from high-quality raw ingredients, preserving all of the important vitamins, natural flavonoids, and minerals as well as the lovely color and delightful flavor. Perfect for health foods such as smoothies and mueslis, as well as porridge mixes and toppings such as yoghurt or ice cream. Ideal for baking, cooking, and decorating. Also suitable for natural cosmetics!



Biokia is the recognized trademark for organically certified berry products produced by Kiantama Oy, a family-owned company based in Suomussalmi. The company is dedicated to processing organic berries and promoting their incorporation into daily lifestyles.

Biokia takes responsibility for various aspects, including employee well-being, product safety, human rights, environmental concerns, and ensuring the ethics and transparency of the berry supply chain.

The company prioritizes sourcing packaging materials from domestic suppliers, with a focus on bio-based options, and ensures that all product packaging is recyclable.