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Burn Kool products are made to be used as first aid for burns of all degrees. The products reduce discomfort and moisturize burns, slowing and eventually stopping the progression of the pain and minimizing damage from burns. The dressing is made from a soft and conformable foam material that is infused with a cooling gel.

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Product Description

Astroplast Burn Kool

Astroplast Burn Kool is formulated to cool and soothe the affected area, helping to reduce pain and prevent the burn from getting worse. The dressing is non-adhesive, which means that it can be easily removed without causing further discomfort. It is also designed to be sterile, so it can be used safely on open wounds.

Tea tree oil and water are present in the products, which greatly improve the effectiveness of pain relief in the injured area. The water-soluble product does not dry to a burn after use and can be easily removed by rinsing. You can store any Burn Kool Burn product at room temperature.

Products that are non-allergenic are excellent for burn area first aid. If you have a more serious or severe burn, you should seek medical attention immediately.